5 Thrifting Mistakes You're Making

5 Thrifting Mistakes You're Making

Ever wonder why you've been seeing all your friends getting good deals whenever they go thrifting? Or you might be wondering why you see so many TikTok outfits that were all thrifted. Well, you might not be getting much success with thrifting yourself because you've been doing it wrong. (We hate to be the bearer of bad news.) Here are 5 thrifting mistake you might be making and how to avoid them!


You don't have a plan. 

Is it excessive to plan your shopping trips? Maybe, but it is worth it.  Think of thrift stores like they are giant warehouses. There's lots to see and tons to go through, so you should plan ahead to find exactly what you're shopping for. Maybe one day is solely for finding skirts and dress, another is for jackets only. It's good to have a plan so that you avoid being overwhelmed. 


You're not trying things on.

Before you buy, you have to try things on! It's hard to imagine yourself in clothes unless they are actually on your body. You can also find any of the oopsies like ripped hems, holes, and broken clasps or zippers when you try things on. 


You are getting way too distracted.

Thrift stores do not only sell clothes, they also have a variety of knick-knacks and other pieces that might distract you. (Honestly, it's like Ariel's cove filled with "human" things.) Referring back to making a plan of what you are looking for and have an idea of the silhouette or the colour you want to avoid distractions!


You are focusing too much on the price.

We all love a good deal, but sometimes good deals aren't exactly winners for your wardrobe. Things in the thrift store vary in prices, but you have to make sure the things you're checking out with are 100% your exact taste, style, size, etc. This will help you declutter your closet, find your personal style, and also help keep your savings in tact. 


You're rushing out the door. 

Thrifting takes a lot of patience. If you plan on going thrifting, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to sift through the stores you're visiting. This includes time to try things on and thoroughly evaluate your finds. 


Happy thrifting!

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