Finding Your Style through Mood Boards

Finding Your Style through Mood Boards

By Michelle Valverde

Society has come a long way deciding on what's trendy and hot each season. This year alone micro-trends flooded social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Be Real with posts of what was "in" and "out" of style, from skinny jeans to wide leg, from chunky jewelry to dainty. 

With the rise of fast fashion and the age of influencers, it has become harder to figure out your personal style through the noise; whether it's grunge, hipster, off-duty model look, or that clean Matilda Djerf style.

Although stores like Shein, and Aliexpress have grown in popularity, thrift stores like value village, and boutique consignment stores have risen in popularity as well - offering a sustainable way to explore different styles, at an affordable price.

Finding your style comes down to having staples and timeless pieces in your closet.

So how can we start to create our own unique style this Fall?

We can start with MOODBOARDS! 



Mood Boards help you organize the vibe you're aiming to replicate, whether warm/cozy, or cool/fun/colourful. A mood board can help you feel inspired, and it can help you harness your creativity! 


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