Need Clothing? Thrifting Is The Way To Go!

Need Clothing? Thrifting Is The Way To Go!

Need to upgrade your wardrobe? Instead of buying new and overpriced clothing, try thrifting and help save money and the environment!

Thrifting is the act of buying gently used items at discounted rates as opposed to paying full price in different retail stores. Thrifting does not only benefit the one purchasing the item, but also helps prevent environmental damage.


Thrifting clothes is very feasible way to buy valuable clothing while also saving money. In today's society, clothing prices are increasing exponentially and are not as affordable as they once were. Thrifting allows you buy the clothes you want to buy at an affordable price with no reduction in clothing quality.





The biggest problem facing the modern world is the decline of the environment's health. We as humans need to fix our habits and do whats best for the environment because without a clean and liveable world, all of us are in serious trouble.

Thrifting not only helps yourself, but also reduces the amount of clothes that end up in landfills.

When clothes are thrown away, they sit for hundreds of years in landfills and cannot be decomposed due to the synthetic material that was used to make them. In addition, these piles of clothing contribute to the growing problem of greenhouse gasses that are destroying our planet. Shopping second hand and thrifting helps reduce this problem and will slowly, but surely help our planet become more healthy and hospitable. 


All in all thrifting is beneficial for all parties and will help the world become a better place. I urge you to think twice when shopping online and in retail stores and think of thrifting the next time you come across expensive clothing. 

Campus Thrift was born at the intersection of style, sustainability and affordability with the goal to provide an affordable shopping experience for students through selling trendy secondhand clothing. We've made your thrifting experience easier so come shop on our website!

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