Timeless or Trendy?

Timeless or Trendy?

by Michelle Valverde 

With the rise of tiktok, trends have gained a shorter "life span". We saw this when those funky flare cow print pants went viral on almost every fast fashion website. Shein had them, Ali express, and many other fast fashion brands jumped on the bandwagon. 

So let me introduce you to Mico-trends.

When you think of a micro-trend, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe these?


These two items went viral on tiktok, celebrities, influencers, and instagram models were wearing these items religiously, then a month later it died down, and the fashion community moved on to a new trend. How can we make sure we're conciously spending our money on versatile pieces that will last longer than a month?

How to tell the difference between trendy and timeless

Let's start!

Let's try and Identify what a micro trend in your closet can look like and what can stay in your closet forever, timelessly!


With your pants, you always want to go either neutral or incorporate a statement colour!

Stay away from pants like the ones on the right because they will become an old trend within a month, and the fabric will most likely begin to fade over time. 

Jeans are timeless, easy to thrift, they go with everything, and they have a long shelf life! 

Let's try another one! 


Black boots will always be in, not only do they match everything, but they can be worn in any season, they can be paired with dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and anything else you can think of! Boots like these will most likely remain in your closet for a very long time, and bonus! 

They are easy to thrift!

These platform crocs quickly went viral on tiktok, Balenciaga did a colab with crocs, SZA did a collab with crocs and celebrities and influencers went crazy! Everyone had a pair in the summer! As the seasons began to change, these crocs became less popular and trendy. 

Let's try a last one!


 The racer jacket on the right also went viral on tiktok and was all over social media. The thing is, these jackets are very hard to find second hand, but if you're lucky enough to find one of them. You are guaranteed to pay an arm and a leg! 

In comparison, the black leather jacket on the left is a staple item that can be worn every year, in fact, the more worn, the better! This black leather jacket is a timeless addition to your closet, as it is very versitle, practical, and neutral! 

At campus thrift we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are conciously spending on quality and timeless pieces! 

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