Tips and Tricks when Thrifting!

Tips and Tricks when Thrifting!

Want to get into Thrifting but have no idea where to start? Look no further, Campus Thrift is here to help solve all your thrifting needs! Here are some tips and tricks to help you become a excellent thrifter and upgrade your wardrobe. 

Shop in the middle of the week!

Everyone always delays their shopping towards the weekend. In order to avoid crowds and find the best deals, shop on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This will help you find the best items and save time in line. 

Dress for the Occasion!

Looking to find a prom dress or wedding dress? Make sure to wear the heels you plan on wearing with the dress to ensure the dress will fit. A big problem for thrifters is sizing and purchasing clothes that look good but don't match the overall dress expectation. Its important to try on the clothes before purchasing and that is why we recommend you to wear clothing that can easily be removed such as sweaters and cardigans since most thrift shops dont have fitting rooms.

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Shop Off-season for Clothes!

Need a winter jacket? Shop for it in the summer time instead of fall. This way the demand is winter clothing is not high meaning the price you will pay will be substantially low compared to buying it during the fall and winter where demand for it will be super high. 

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Campus Thrift is dedicated to making trends cheap, accessible, fun, and tailored to your individual style! Shop at Campus Thrift this Fall for all your stylish and trendy needs! 

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