What to add to your closet this cold season!

What to add to your closet this cold season!

The colder weather inspires people to get creative with their style.

This year, there are so many trends popping up all at once. From tiktok, to pinterest, how inspired are you to update your closet this cold season? 

Although micro trends are what we want to stay away from this season, there are still lots of trends we can play around with this season! 

Let's talk about what's in this season! 

Uggs are back in!!!

This year wer're seeing uggs return but in a different silouette, platform and short

The famous Boston Cloggs are back! What's so great about these two trends is they can be worn as indoor or outdoor they are comfortable, and cozy!

Perfect for this cold season! 

Knitwear!! All kinds of knitwear! 




Knits will never go out of fashion, they're comfy, cute, and very versitle! 

Let's talk bottoms!!




Bottoms in all colours, prints, textures, and lengths! With skirts you can wear them long, short, with stockings, legwarmers, boots, sneakers, the list is endless!!

Let's talk jackets!


Look at these colours!! Don't be afraid to play around with colours!



Oversized is the new "skinny"! 



Now that the "oversized" look is in, add some length into your closet by picking up a comfy, oversized jacket this season! 


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