What is ‘Greenwashing,’ and How Can You Spot It?

What is ‘Greenwashing,’ and How Can You Spot It?

Corporations learning about consumers being more conscious have shifted to a more sustainable approach. This is a better approach, but we must be careful of greenwashing as conscious consumers.


What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing was coined by environmentalist Jay Westervelt. To put it simply, greenwashing is when companies advertise that they are eco-friendly & sustainable, but they aren’t making any notable sustainability efforts. Companies can also be greenwashing, even if they have good intentions! Consumers are very wary about sustainability practices and reports from companies, which we should be!


H&M Case of Greenwashing

H&M is a giant in the fashion industry and unfortunately, they are a fast fashion brand. In hopes to rebrand themselves, they launched a "Concious" line in their stores. However, a report by Quartz revealed that H&M's new line was anything but sustainable.

Read more about this case:


How do you spot greenwashing?

Here are some great articles that go over how you can spot greenwashing in companies:

It’s essential for us to continue researching and reading more about the brands we support to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible.

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